Are LED Pool Lights Safe? | Are Under Water Pool Lights Safe? (2023)

1 The development history of LED swimming pool lights.

You must be no stranger to LED because most household lights are LED lights, and LED lights can be seen everywhere in life. But do you know what exactly LED is? Next, let’s look at what LED is and the development history of LED application in swimming pool lights.

In 1960, LED was born.

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, which can directly convert electricity into light. In the 1960s, LED light-emitting diodes were invented using the semiconductor PN light-emitting principle. At first, LEDs were only used as light sources for instruments. Later, after 30 years of development, LEDs can emit red, orange, yellow, green, and other light colors. The LED as a white light for lighting appeared in 1998. LED white light for indoor lighting also developed after 2000. Nowadays, more and more LED lights are entering the homes of ordinary people.

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People applied LED lights to more places.

LED lights are not only used for indoor lighting but also for outdoor lightings, such as street lights and landscape lights. Among them, the light source of street lamps has gone through the era of incandescent lamps, mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and LED lamps. Street lights in most places use high-pressure sodium lamps, which are lights that look yellow. Subsequently, LED street lights began to seize the market in recent years due to their energy-saving and durable characteristics. However, they still needed to be entirely popularized. At present, LED street lights have many advantages. Although they have yet to be wholly popularized, they have huge potential. The application of LED street lights is also a major trend in the future.

LED underwater pool lights were born.

In addition to being used for outdoor lighting, LED lights can also be used underwater. One of the reasons why LED lights are difficult to popularize is that the heat dissipation problem still needs to be solved. LED lamps have a long service life, but if the heat is not dissipated in time, the life of LED lights will be significantly reduced. But when the LED light is used underwater, the LED light can be cooled down well, and there is no need to worry about heat dissipation. Therefore, LED underwater pool lights and LED fountain lights appeared.

2 Types of LED Pool Lights.

Many LED swimming pool lights can be classified according to color, location, installation method, lamp housing, lampshade material, and swimming pool fitness. Now, let’s see what types of LED pool lights are available.

According to the color, there are:

  • single-color pool light
  • color changing pool light

According to the location, there are:

  • swimming under water pool lights
  • swimming floating pool lights
  • swimming pool spotlights

According to the installation method, there are:

  • recessed pool lights
  • wall-mounted pool lights

According to the material of the lamp housing and lampshade, there are:

  • stainless steel swimming pool light
  • plastic swimming pool light

According to the applicable swimming pools, there are:

  • LED pool lights for a fiberglass pool
  • LED pool lights for a concrete pool
  • LED Pool lights for vinyl liner pool

3 Are LED underwater lights safe?

Now comes the question that everyone is most concerned about, is the LED underwater swimming pool light safe? The answer is yes.

What makes a pool light underwater work safely? The reasons that make the pool lights work safely underwater are waterproof, heat dissipation, and low voltage to prevent people from getting electric shock.

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Waterproof: When purchasing swimming pool lights, do you often see IP68 marked on the product name or product details page? If you have noticed IP68, do you know what it stands for? Now, let’s see IP68 together.

IP68 represents the waterproof level, where IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection, 6 represents the highest dustproof, and 8 represents the highest level of waterproofing. Therefore, for LED underwater pool lights, IP68 belongs to the highest dustproof and waterproof rating. The underwater swimming pool light with a waterproof rating of IP68 is also safer and more reliable.

Heat dissipation: One disadvantage of LED lights is that it is difficult to dissipate heat, but LED underwater lights do not have this disadvantage. Therefore, easy heat dissipation in water significantly improves LED pool lights’ safety and service life.

Low voltage: The LED underwater light is designed with a low and safe voltage. Generally, 12 volts and the maximum does not exceed 24 volts. And the safety voltage is only 36 volts. So there is no risk of electric shock if you buy LED swimming pool lights produced by regular manufacturers from regular channels.

4 Is it dangerous if the underwater pool lights are always on?

The answer is No. Using the pool light for a very long time and not to turn off will make the pool light unable to rest, reducing the pool light’s life. Therefore, the regular switching of swimming pool lights can better protect the lights.

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5 Hazards of Faulty LED Pool Lights.

The first is LED swimming pool lights produced by informal manufacturers. Informal manufacturers don’t provide products of good quality, let alone safety.

The second is the danger caused by unreasonable installation methods. There are few electric shocks in swimming pools, and most news about electric shocks in swimming pools is due to wiring errors or accidents. Therefore, if non-professionals want to install pool lights, please consider them carefully. If this is your first time installing pool lights, then hire a professional to install them.

Lastly, faulty pool lights can affect the pool experience. For example, suppose the LED swimming pool light has been used for a long time, and the light has become dim. In that case, it is best to replace it with a new swimming pool light at this time, which not only makes our vision clearer but also provides a good experience. So that we can have a vacation-like experience at any time having a good mood.

6 More Aspects About LED Pool Light Safety

Good brightness and reasonable numbers.

Reasonably choose the brightness and quantity of LED underwater lights. Too many or too few lights in the pool are not good for safety concerns and eyesight protection. In addition, if you spend a long time in a bright outdoor swimming pool at night and walk on a dark road after swimming, it is easy to cause dizziness. In case of a fall it may cause injury.

Choose a swimming pool light with all parameters up to standard.

In addition to reasonable brightness, it is also necessary to choose swimming pool lights that meet waterproof and dustproof standards, anti-electric shock protection, etc. In addition, to prevent frequent replacement of pool lights, you should also choose corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant pool lights. Although the price will be a little higher, it is worth it for our safety.

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Standard installation of LED pool lights.

The installation must be standardized, whether it is a recessed pool light, a wall-mounted pool light, or an LED spotlight. As mentioned above, you should hire a professional if you don’t know how to install a pool light. Suppose you have previous experience with pool light installation or replacement. In that case, you should ensure the wiring are correct, the pool light cable seal is done, and the pool light is securely fixed. Another point is that when wiring and sealing cables, it is necessary to arrange the wires reasonably, and cable ties can be used to regulate the wires. The purpose of this is to secure the cable and facilitate access.

After installing the pool lights, clean up the site in time to prevent the parts from falling into the water, causing potential safety hazards.

Regularly maintain pool lights.

Winter is not a great time to swim for most people with a family pool. Therefore, in winter, the pool may be lying idle. To better prolong the service life of the pool light, it is recommended that the pool owner turns on the pool light and lets it work for a while when the weather is good, but don’t forget to turn it off! In addition to maintaining swimming pool lights, it is also necessary to keep the swimming pool regularly. On the days when the swimming pool is frequently used, the fallen leaves and impurities in the water should be cleaned up in time, and the water should be replenished and disinfected regularly. If you don’t have time to do pool maintenance, you can find a pool maintenance staff and have them come to your house regularly to maintain the pool.


In summary, LED swimming pool lights are safe and can be used confidently. But we must take other aspects seriously besides the LED underwater light itself. We should also do other protections as much as possible. Only in this way can we enjoy the swimming pool to the fullest.

LED pool lights are safe based on the pool lights purchased from a regular pool light manufacturer or supplier.

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Are LED pool lights safe? ›

Because the lower the voltage, the less hazardous it will be. This makes LED lights the perfect option for pool lights. Even if you only install 12V LED pool lights, you get enough brightness in and around the swimming pool. You'll have enough visibility to keep safe while swimming at night.

How safe are underwater pool lights? ›

Because these lights operate at a very low voltage, they are less inherently dangerous when taken on their own. Some believe the 120 volts generated by an incandescent light can introduce a fatal charge, whereas the power from low-voltage lights, generally 12 volts, can injure but not kill.

Can you leave LED pool lights on all night? ›

The Longevity of Pool LED Lights

Although this indicates what they're rated for under optimal conditions, it's very easy to meet these conditions in most situations. This means you can run your pool lights for eight hours every night and they'll last you at least a decade and possibly much longer!

Do LED pool lights need to be submerged? ›

The light requires submersion to prevent overheating, and if operated without water covering the lens, the lens will shatter in under a minute. The lamp or light fixture sits inside of a "bucket" turned on its side, towards the pool, called the light niche.


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